Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Keeper and Other Jars –– Encapsulating Time

"The Keeper", our piece of the week here at Fifty Two Pieces, and the "In Crowd"and "The Inside", John Buck's other jars, all have objects we know and make associations with –– current times, times we're looking forward to, times in the past. People, places, ideas, connections but each and every image invoking time for me. All of this and I start to hear Jim Croce. Take a moment and listen to "Time in a Bottle". Watch Croce, his wife Ingrid and their son AJ. Lyrics included.

A beautiful song, words and music, strung like pearls on the thread of life. John Buck's jars will never be the same for me.


gerri Hayes said...

I look forward to your blog ... hope you both will sign on for another 52 wks
All good, but Jim Croce and John Buck made me cry!

Amy and LaValle said...

Gerri, thank you. We're enjoying this adventure, surprising ourselves and others with what we have created and continue to create. It all started because we wanted to do something different and we certainly have done that! LaValle