Monday, May 4, 2009


JOHN BUCK , the man may not be nearly as dark and psychological as my last post suggested. In fact, the article which the title of this post links to, calls him the Saint Nick of the art world, constructing toys out of wood. And look at that smile.
Yes, once I read this article about his Montana life and his bootstraps childhood I changed my mind about that jar.
I started to think about jars, what they hold. Food, bugs and in the case of John Buck's studio- paint. Even though he doesn't use a lot of paint. The article mentions the jars of paint on the tables- it's not like he doesn't have access to it. So I wonder why he doesn't paint these objects, I know I would. I would and that would ruin them at times, and at times it would make them better.

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Greg Barry said...

Nice link. I also liked the way you used ShareThis.