Saturday, May 2, 2009

What I Feel When I Look at The Keeper

John Buck has a whole series of jars, the one seen here is called The Inside.
For me, The Keeper, is about the things we keep to ourselves. The things we let others see, but not touch. Memory, sex, marriage- all pieces of ourselves the world see's but at the same time, these pieces are out of reach to everyone.
The high heels, are they about being sexy, or about being powerful? Probably both. The diamond- is it about being married, being kept? Keeping another? The knife in the hand, is this about pain and what we remember? What is it to keep something in the hand?
The dragonfly is about the jar, it interprets the jar, it reminds me of the things I use the jar for- to trap. Trapping, how is trapping and keeping the same thing and how is it different? with sex, with marriage with keeping pain through memory of pain.
The jar, below, is called the In Crowd. The titles of the jars describe in very simple terms the meaning of the piece, The In crowd The Inside. I think John Buck wants us to interpret the work for ourselves, to feel something, to explore what these symbols constructed in this way, mean to us.

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