Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Week of Masks ~ That Was The Week That Was

This week has been a week of firsts. It's the first week that we haven't followed a particular artist throughout the week. It's the first week that we've looked at masks. And it's the first week to have a post showing all of the images of the week. Below are three tables I created after finding the HTML coding instructions for making tables with images on Blogspot.

Amy started the week with two images of Eagle Woman. The second Eagle Woman mask is the one in the Portland Art Museum. You can catch her at the museum or on Flickr with the tags of mask and Portland Art Museum.

Next up was Phillip John Charette's Raku Amikuk mask that you can find in the Artic area of the museum. That mask was followed by a post with an image of Charette holding a Nepcetat mask from the collection. I couldn't help myself that day I had to include the skateboard challenge mask in the post with Nepcetat.

The week ended with the Wolf Forehead Mask and an Inuit mask of a seal. Along the way there were a few videos that included Native American flute music. As they say, "That was the week that was."

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