Thursday, October 22, 2009

Greed ~ Sue Coe

How does one begin to describe this Sue Coe painting? These rifles, this blood, the bullet holes, the kneeling man, the splash of red, the animal, a big black cat.
A collage of beer cans, McDonalds trash, cigarettes and a hollow eyed figure looking out.
Greed by Sue Coe is a black hole of sickness, something I have never given my attention. Maybe this week, as in weeks past, I will learn to care for something that I currently detest.

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LaValle, currently known by her husband as Nurse Ratchet said...

ah Amy, thanks for posting this today. I had planned to do it after dinner and before the trip to the airport. For all of you reading Fifty Two Pieces, we are both dealing with close family members who are having serious health issues.

To Amy, you may not ever not detest this piece, but I can assure you that you will grow to admire Sue Coe's work.