Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pause, Megan Murphy

Megan Murphy made this "object" in 2002. It is oil painted on mirror. It has a rhythm of letters in bands that move from the left to the right, or the right to the left, across the middle, throughout the piece. I don't know what direction they move because they are laid on top of eachother in an unreadable stack. The closer you get the more clear it all becomes, but the term is relative because there never is clarity.
There is a shine throughout the middle that you see if you step back, it is almost in a human shape, as if the halo of light from within has hips and a head.
Megan Murphy made this piece the year her mother died. Some say it is about that short period of time between life and death.
No doubt about it, it has a haunting quality.

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