Friday, July 17, 2009

Megan Murphy ~ Pause, Not Unlike Dan Graham

Pause by Megan Murphy is this week's selection at Fifty Two Pieces. Perhaps the intention of the artist is to have you take a moment to consider life, life and death, the time between life and death or all of this. Words may float through your mind or images of what your life has been and what will be happening next.

Dan Graham's sculptures can have the same effect. The image above is of one of Dan Graham's sculptures currently on exhibit at the Whitney Museum. Yesterday I spent two hours with this and other works by Graham. Reflections fascinate me, making me think about reality and perception. Dan Graham's sculptures are not unlike Megan Murphy's Pause. They can have you take the time to visualize yourself, here but not here. Standing near one of his sculptures you see a system of enclosures. You bump up against yourself and the world as you have constructed it. Stand there and you can pause and reflect about life and reality. And then of course you can just have fun too, another aspect of life.

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