Thursday, June 11, 2009

Louise Nevelson

'I seek truth. What I seek is anything that will work for me. I'll use a lie if it works, and that [becomes] the truth.' Louise Nevelson
As I went through the bags of recycling this morning, moving around plastic bags, milk cartons, tuna cans, beer bottles, all of it, into an organized set of bags, I was reminded of a website I visited yesterday,, leave no plastic behind. This organization is responsible for the plastic quilt project, one in which artists were asked to create a square for the quilt made of plastic, and also asked to refrain from buying plastic of any kind for fifteen months. I fell in love instantly with the idea. I don't even know if it's possible, could I find a way to eat all year without buying a thing packaged in plastic? I would have to take my glass jars to the grocery store, buy grains in bulk, have the butcher put my meats in paper, or in glassware, how would they handle me at Fred Meyer? I would probably have to buy some meat from a butcher and keep it in the freezer I have buried in the basement, the one I once hid the television in so John couldn't find it, so we could be free of those talking heads for a few weeks.
I would have to eat a lot more fresh food, isn't that what plastic does, keeps things from losing their freshness because the truth is they should have been eaten a while ago?
Something tells me Louise Nevelson would have joined in on the quilt project, that she would have been part of this Leave No Plastic Behind movement, and I guess we have that in common.


LaValle said...

Ah Amy, this is why I love you so much. Hide the tv in the freezer in the basement. Very good! It does remind me of Glenda Jackson in House Calls. Her character had become quite angry with Walter Matthau. When he was showering at her apartment, she took his clothes along with his shoes, put them in the freezer, cut the cord on the land line (before the days of cell phones), and left the apartment. He never did find them but his hunt through the apartment is well worth the price of the rental.

Kate said...

Love that you hid the TV in the freezer...