Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lee Kelly ~ Sculptor, Musician and Poet

Take a tour around the internet and you will find a few videos of Lee Kelly other than the one from Oregon Public Broadcasting one that I posted the other day. The first one I've linked here shows a group of men making music on one of Lee Kelly's sculptures. At the end of it, you'll see Lee Kelly climbing the sculpture and sitting on its summit. The second video includes many scenes from his sculpture garden in Oregon City as well as him reading a few of his pieces of poetry. The ending shows him scaling the same sculpture as in the first.

Continuing that tour of the internet and you'll be able to read two of his pieces of poetry, here and here.

And for your viewing pleasure here is the venerable Kelly Fountain at SW 6th and Pine here in Portland. There's nothing like the sound of flowing water, especially on city streets.

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