Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dzunuk'wa - Dreams and Numbers

Yesterday Amy mentioned dreams along with story-telling. Being a better dreamer than story-teller, I went to bed last night thinking of my flight back to PDX. Evidently Dzunuk'wa was still on my mind because as I awakened images of not food but numbers were floating out of the feast bowl. They weren't exactly like the ones in the image above but close enough for the sake of this post. So while some of us feast on food and others on words, others of us relish numbers.

Alfred Maurer was not at all pleased that I hadn't followed up on at least one communal meal from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As a result, I'm also including Peter Bruegel, the Elder's The Harvesters in today's post. Here we can see a group of workers, some of them taking a break from their hard work to eat a meal together. Others are resting after the work and the food.

To show his adventurous spirit Maurer is anxiously looking forward to seeing the Native American Collection at the Portland Art Museum, especially after reading Frommer's review of it ..." the best reason to visit is to see the extensive collection of Native American art and artifacts".

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