Monday, January 5, 2009

The Roman Dying Gaul

In answer to the question, what does the Roman sculpture of the Dying Gaul look like, I've decided to post this photo of the Dying Gaul at the Capitoline Museum in Rome. Much like the Portland Art Museum's Dying Gaul, he is resting, leaning on his one arm. But here, his sword lies behind him and his horn is broken in two. 

Here's a video from the internet showing the Dying Gaul in Rome...

And last but not least, the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich CT loaned their plaster cast of the Roman Dying Gaul to the Getty for the show early last mentioned in the January 1 post below, our inaugural post. Spending so much time thinking and reading about the Dying Gaul, I discovered that the sculpture at the Capitoline Museum was not found until the 17th century during excavations for the construction of Ludovisi Palace. From that time forward it has been both celebrated and used for copies as well as in drawings engravings and paintings. 

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