Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Man Cannot Live on Bread Alone

"Just as a man's soul creates his body, in the same way if a man paints a portrait it will always look like himself, the painter, as well as the sitter." Leonardo da Vinci

It wasn't his diet, nope. He's in better shape than probably ninety percent of his viewers. No doubt, he's based on an idealized representation, but he makes us look out of proportion doesn't he? A recent Michael Pollen investigation of our diet, The Omnivore's Dilemma, claims one of the most important yet unnoticed (there is little unnoticed in the Dying Gaul) changes to the human diet in modern times is the ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3, the essential fats. These two are found in seeds (omega-6) and leaves (omega-3). It's the ratio here that matters (oh that glorious ratio) because it's not how much of either one you get, but that you get them in proportion (1 to 1). Omega 6 clots blood,omega 3 makes it flow. We've eliminated omega-3 as we've gone from a diet of animals fed on grass to one of animals fed on grain (corn really, as in King Corn, the documentary based on the book.) Including fish, farm raised and fed on grain. By doing so we've switched our omegas and are way overloaded with Omega 6, the clotter. We didn't know how important that shift would be until the 1970's, with clearer understanding, but it was oh so late. It's a contributing factor to obesity, heart disease and all kinds of behavioral disorders in children. Do you want to have a body like the dying Gaul? I do, only I don't think plastic surgery is for me. Here's my short term solution, forty days without meat, fish too. Normally I wouldn't include fish as a meat but now I know that it's better to eat grass fed beef than farm raised fish and the whole concept throws me. So, I'm going without, and I'll to try not to live on cheese alone.

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