Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anish Kapoor ~ Hexagonal Mirror on 4, Brancusi on 1

This week's piece on Fifty Two Pieces is Anish Kapoor's Hexagonal Mirror, a highly reflective multi-faceted metal sculpture. Two days ago I posted about two other note-worthy sculptures, both of which are reflective metal. Tony Cragg's work is currently on display in the Portland Art Museum's main lobby. John Chamberlain's Neptune's Cap is unfortunately long gone. All three of these pieces are/were here on loan. However, PAM is fortunate to have Constantine Brancusi's A Muse completed in 1918 as part of its permanent collection. Museum patrons take note that this was a gift of Patron Sally Lewis back in 1959.

What these two images off the internet don't show is the truly amazing reflections on that highly polished bronze sculpture. Stand just right and you see the entire gallery behind you and yourself four times. You become the sculpture's muse or your own, however you choose to interpret that. You'll also notice that the images are reversed. Which one is correct? Always an interesting question on the internet. I'd recommend a trip to the museum, but for those of you who aren't in the immediate vicinity, I'll let you know that our
Muse's dominant hand is the left one. I'm not certain what Brancusi would have thought of cyberspace but I'm thinking he probably would have been an eager beta tester.

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