Monday, December 14, 2009

Albert Bierstadt ~ Mount Hood, Bridal Veil Falls and Valerie Hegarty

Albert Bierstadt painted Bridal Veil Falls (above and on the left) sometime between 1871 and 1873. At three by nearly eight feet, it's another of Bierstadt's grand paintings with amazing light and filled with the Manifest Destiny for which he is famous - similar to the Portland Art Museum's Mount Hood. It currently hangs in the North Carolina Museum of Art. Right next to Bierstadt's painting of Bridal Veil Falls is Valerie Hegarty's Fallen Bierstadt, 2007. Hegarty's work hangs in the Brooklyn Museum.

Look at Valerie Hegarty's work and you'll see she's recreated Bierstadt's painting from Yosemite but then deconstructed it. The painting is decomposing before our eyes. Made of foam core, paper and wood it's as if nature has taken Bierstadt's creation and had her way with it. Hegarty challenges our perceptions of painting and reality. The Brooklyn Museum presents us with a view of Hegarty and Fallen Bierstadt, 2007 in this video.

More of Valerie Hegarty's work can be seen here.

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