Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Raphael- Hot Babe Thanks to his Mother

One of the reasons Raphael was so cheerful and love clearly burst out of him, was because his parents loved him. His father did everything he could to encourage his son as an artist and when he took the boy away from his mother to be taught by professional painters it is written that she wept tenderly. It's not to say that he was a mollycoddler but he loved his parents and this allowed him to more freely express his love to the ladies. Which he did by painting them so erotically, by signing his name on their arm bands by painting their eyes as a reflection of his own gaze upon them. I look at La Velata and it is as if she is looking into me, she is inviting me to look into her. He was sexy and talented and he didn't even have to have a dark hidden and horrible childhood to escape. I'm still more attracted to Carravaggio- but that could have somethign to do with the person from whom I took that course.

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