Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Deborah Butterfield - winter, summer, rain and sun

Martin Friedman, Director Emeritus of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN, discusses in the video linked below the issues of selecting sculpture to be shown outside. The core of these decisions is based on whether the sculpture can withstand the elements of the seasons -- winter, summer, rain, sun. I might add for Minneapolis -- snow, not inches but feet. In any case, the Walker Art Center is home to Woodrow, the first bronze sculpture Deborah Butterfield had made. Prior to that her work had been in metal, sticks, mud, not necessarily suited for the outdoors whether in Minneapolis or Portland. Do a Google search for Deborah Butterfield, click on images instead of web and you'll see any number of her pieces. Or go to Flickr and do a search and the same will happen. Butterfield is everywhere. If you should want to visit, she has homes in Montana and Hawaii which she shares with John Buck, another sculptor of note. Fifty Two Pieces presented a week of John Buck earlier this year. That week is available by clicking here.

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