Friday, November 6, 2009

Deborah Butterfield ~ Dance Horse, Inside

Ten years ago, Dance Horse lived inside. Here is a shot of Deborah Butterfield's sculpture on the 4th Floor of the Hoffman Wing at the Portland Art Museum in 1999. Standing as regal as it does out in the Sculpture Garden today, it somehow has a different overall aura. I feel less like offering it an apple or a carrot. Why is that?

Take a tour through using the tags Portland, art, and museum. You'll see any number of photos. Now go to the museum's official website and read the rules. I have been fascinated by what people have taken photos of and then chosen to upload on Flickr. All of that takes intention. And intention defines a major portion of modern art.


Keith Daly said...

I love this photo! And you're so right about the impact of the location - in the courtyard it does compete with some fairly forceful objects, here it seems as peaceful as a stallion in a field full of flowers. Thanks for sharing this!

LaValle and Amy said...

I'm fascinated with what has happened before. So when I found this photo I was truly excited. Here was the horse in a totally different space, inside. And the inside was prior to the far end of the 4th floor space there in the Hpffman Wing being dedicated to the Apex shows. This was installed shortly after it was purchased and then lent to the museum.

Miss you at the museum, Keith. Hope to see you soon.