Friday, November 27, 2009

Anish Kapoor ~ Hexagonal Mirror

I wish I could say that the above images are of Anish Kapoor's Hexagonal Mirror at the Portland Art Museum. Alas, the museum has a No Photography rule. As a result, photos of Anish Kapoor's Hexagonal Mirror that is currently on the 4th floor of the CMCA are few and far between. At some point though, images should begin to appear on Flickr much as the ones in the image above have. They're of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's version of the Hexagonal Mirror.

As you can see from the images above (click here to go to that page on Flickr), you won't just view the Mirror as a spectator, you'll be a particpant with it. You'll walk around the room, move in closer, move away, walk around the room some more. It will completely entrance you. Don't miss this sculpture – it's on loan and could be off display at any moment. The first time I went to PAM to see it, I was the only person in the gallery. The effect of the light from the southern windows and the wolves baying from the Kiki Smith wall hanging was as if I had entered the Underworld. Fortunately, I found that if you stand in exactly the right spot, just to the right of center, you'll see dozens of reflected Emergency Exit signs to take advantage of.

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