Monday, October 19, 2009

Mask - Wolf Forehead

Wolf Forehead Mask is the description of this mask. Yikes, look at that tongue. Hungry would be how I would describe this creature and a formidable presence. The red in this mask fascinates me. From that tongue move up to the red in the nostrils, the red around the ears, inside the ears and on the cheeks. Red is a powerful color. Whoever would wear this mask would be a major force. Dated around 1880 from the Northwest Coast, it's made of wood, hair, copper, opercula shells, cloth, and pigment. At 15 inches by eight and eight it would be hefty enough to be wearing at any type of ceremony for any length of time.

Reading about the wolf in the Northwest Coast culture, I found this...

People respect the wolf for its strength, agility, intelligence and capacity for
devotion. The wolf's vocal range and communicative powers are impressive,
and Northwest Coast peoples traditionally believe in the potency and magic
of speech and song. Wolf is sometimes an agent of transformation, and
is a popular figure in crest, story and shamanic art.

And here are any number of wolves set to flute music, enjoy...

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