Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eagle Woman, and other Masks

This is a week of masks, for fifty two pieces. I am showing Eagle Woman, not the exact mask at the Portland Art Museum, but a sister to that mask, almost like a mask for that mask. Because really, whatever mask one wears it says something so real about who is underneath it, that a mask should be portrayed as a mask that it is not.
Eagle Woman has a story. She was a beautiful maiden who flew away to live with Eagle, her true love, leaving her family behind. After years of living in the sky with Eagle she felt very lonely for the life she'd left. One day she couldn't take it any longer so she took her two babies and flew the coop. She got to a wide wide river, one her babies couldn't fly across. She decided to tie them into her hair and swim across, eventually finding her family on the other side.
Kids really dig this story, like most stories I know that are Native American it resonates to the soul, it weaves simple and complex human themes into an engaging metaphor.
Halloween is around the corner, I'm contemplating dress up themes. One idea is to be someone who dances because I have a goal to do more of that in the very near future. Maybe I can create a mask and weave a story about me into it, like Eagle Woman with her babies in her braids. I can play out the story of the person I've become, transforming for just one night.

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