Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bernhard, but not Bernhard

I am trying to decide what to write today, about Ruth, and as I think and stare at the screen Kate Burns enters the office. She says "Not to be nosy, but this is a postcard and I can't help but read it...who is K-1 and K2?" Then she carefully drops the postcard from over the pony wall and it floats down to me. It is Heinz Hajek-Halke and it is the most beautiful image I have seen all day. It is from LaValle, and she writes Berlin is surreal. I look up at Kate. "K-1 and K-2 come from a Frank Ohara poem, and they mean keenest." Kate smiles and shows me her postcard "I got a sexy woman."
I know Ruth Bernhard would draw attention to this postcard, so it is the image of the day. Bernhard and Hajek-Halke were in an exhibition together called Nude Visions earlier this year in the Munchen Stadtmuseum.
Were you there K-2?

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LaValle said...

K1, thanks for posting this image. Ruth would have approved of your including it in her week. K2