Friday, September 25, 2009

The Pageboy

Soutine's Pageboy is from 1925, perhaps more poular than the Pastry Chef it is one of the portraits Soutine did of uniformed workers from grooms to bellhops. He was the 10th of 11 children born in modern day Belarus. Between world wars Soutine painted in Paris. He's been called the precursor to De Kooning and Pollack and took his inspiration from Rembrandt and Chardin.
Three years before he painted the Pageboy and one year after he painted the Little Pastry Chef Soutine got his big break when Philideplphia art educator Albert Barnes bought 52 of his paintings in 1922. Right after this major celebration of his work in the art world, Soutine tried to burn and destroy his past work and find a new style. What are the major differences between the Pageboy and the Pastry Chef?
Hollow eyes, I would rather hang out with the Pastry Chef.

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