Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Judy Cooke ~ Egypt and Zen

Judy Cooke created Egypt / Stack #5 during a special project put on by Bullseye Connection Gallery. The gallery's Research and Education department facilitated Northwest painters and printmakers transition to the medium of glass. In addition to Cooke, Martha Pfanschmidt, Eric Stotik, and Mark Zirpe participated. The results of their work was subsequently shown in the Found in Translation exhibition at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery. Cooke used kiln formed glass to create Egypt / Stack #5. Glass joins the list of materials both conventional and unconventional Cooke has employed to create her art.

In addition to all of this Judy Cooke has also collaborated on at least one book. In Zen Painters, Cooke created lithographs to accompany short stories written by Robert Hanson. The text pages were designed and printed by Textura, a local Portland letterpress printing studio. Like all of Cooke's art, these lithographs are exceedingly elegant.

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