Tuesday, August 11, 2009

C.S. Price, by Jefferson Tester

C.S. Price's self portrait is an abstract dark mess of paint on canvas, it hangs in the gallery dedicated to him, but I don't have an image to show of it. The Portrait of C.S. Price seen here today on 52 Pieces is by American painter Jefferson Tester.
Jefferson Tester came to his career in fine arts after working for the Oregonian and a Bay Area newspaper.
He was a successful commercial artist in New York who traveled and exhibited extensively in Mexico, the West Indies and Europe, eventually settling in southern Europe.
In the late 1940s, Tester created cover illustrations for magazines such as The New Yorker, Saturday Evening Post and Colliers while continuing to create and exhibit paintings. Much like N.C. Wyeth, from week 5 on fifty two pieces. Tester relocated to Portland in 1963 where he remained until his death.
I don't know the relationship between Tester and Price, but from the portrait it seems to have been a close friendship. Price seems to have been comfortable with Tester. There is a feeling of relaxed absorption on the part of the painter. Sometimes I think of Price as a troubled hermit, thrashing about in his studio, this asumption is based on his own self portrait- that dark mooody mud with eyes. But Tester seems to be saying, look at this guy just happily painting away in his button up white collar shirt and tie, with his hat on straight and a smile on his face.


Theodore Tester said...

The artist Jefferson Tester also
also painted several covers for Time Magazine, such as the 7/23/1934 issue.

Amy and LaValle said...

Thanks for letting us know that. 1934 was awhile ago.