Thursday, August 6, 2009

C. S. Price ~ The Willow Tree

This week we're returning to the American galleries and will be spending some time with C. S. Price. Pictured above is The Willow Tree. It's an oil measuring 31 in by 38 in. Although the Portland Art Museum has an entire gallery devoted to C. S. Price's later work, this piece reflects the style he used during his formative years.

I'm always intrigued with Price's choice of title. Willow Tree, well I see that it's a tree, but I'd be hard pressed to identify the tree as a willow from the ten leaves and the gestalt of the trunk. But I can let my imagination go and am transported into a setting where the sun is intense, heating up the yard in front me – perhaps as hot as the 104 degrees Portland was last week. As I stand in the shade of the willow, I am thankful that someone years before had planted this tree. I'm much cooler because of it than I would have been without it. I also see that most of the people have arrived for the party next door. Aren't those cars grand?

Whenever I'm in the gallery where The Willow Tree hangs I'm drawn to it. I think it's because of the shade of the tree, the vibrant colors and the place I'm taken by letting my imagination go like I just did. Try it the next time you're in the gallery where The Willow Tree hangs.

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