Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Russo in PNCA at 100

The special exhibition at the art museum right now is a tribute to PNCA, the school is 100 years old this year. One of the paintings is a Michele Russo, which reminds me of Salle's work. It is very large 44 x 72 inches, and flat and collage like. It is impersonal except for just one pupil on each face, which reminds me of Salle's subjects. And it is totally unlike Russo's other work. The name of the piece is Bunce's Jaguar and Other Eclecticisms, after his contemporary Louis Bunce. It was done in 1969 or 1970. It seems to be saying something about graphic arts, magazines, cut outs etc. It also uses composition and color that reminds me of Salle. It is a very nice piece, maybe busy for Russo. Just take a look at these and tell me which one, if any, reminds you of Salle.

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