Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Megan Murphy ~ Video Stills / Matthew Di Tullo ~ 3a + 3b + 3c, 2009

(Untitled) Video - 3a + 3b + 3c, 2009 from Matthew DiTullo on Vimeo.

Much like Dan Graham's mirrors, I thought of Matthew DiTullo's work when I saw Megan Murphy's paintings Erode 1 and Erode 3 (based on video stills). 3a + 3b + 3c, 2009 is Matthew DiTullo's most recent offering on Vimeo. After viewing 3a + 3b + 3c, 2009 those images have become part of me. Whenever I close my eyes, they float up for me to watch – lines, shapes and ethereal color. Thanks, Matthew. Here is his artist statement for this work.

The purpose of my work is to breakdown photographic images into geometric abstract shapes using compressed digital video and controlling the pixels. I like to organize my work based on theories and ideas that come from Minimalism. From geometric groupings focusing on grids, angles, horizontal and vertical forms to industrial subjects and settings.

Similar to Clement Greenberg's ideas of the artist’s truth to the medium, I am making video works that force the moving digital image to the forefront. Similar to how Jackson Pollock would paint about painting, and Donald Judd made sculptures about three-dimensional space, I am making video works about video.

The Wall Drawings are non-representational and consist of simple lines and shapes. The forms of the drawings correlate with literal video images.

My intention is to leave out any meaning, thus conforming with the ideas of Minimalism. However, my Post-Minimal approach is the use of representational subjects. With such a juxtaposition of natural and man-made objects, it is understood that various interpretations may be read into my work.

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