Monday, June 15, 2009

A Personality Test

I asked a group of seventh graders where they would live in this city. We were gazing at Nevelson's nightscape as though flying over it. Someone said she would live way up high in the middle of city, in the tallest building of all. Someone else said he would sleep in one of the big empty rectangles, because he thought these were the parks. A girl said she would live way off on the corner, where the city ends.
For me it's like that line in the Woody Allen movie- Vicky Christina Barcelona. Christina's view on life "I know what I don't want" is her mantra as she searches the world. I get that feeling when I try to place myself in a space. I more readily know where I don't want to be. Of all ten seventh graders, only three pointed out their destinations. Maybe I am part of the majority. Those of us that are just not quite sure.

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