Saturday, June 13, 2009

Anne Bancroft as Louise Nevelson

There are a few films that include Louise Nevelson, one is called Hans Hoffman and was made in 2003, the other is Sculptors at Storm King from 1992, a film that includes Mark DiSuvero, Richard Serra and David Smith. In 2002 Anne Bancroft played the leading role in Edward Albee's play Occupant about Nevelson's life. I can see why Bancroft was cast. There is a wonderful piece on the blog The House Next Door, where writer Dan Callahan remembers Bancroft on stage giving it her all when an audience member stands to leave and Bancroft stops what she is doing to ask the woman to give her a chance, truly Nevelson-esque.
Here is a drawing of Anne Bancroft playing Louise Nevelson.

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