Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lee Kelly ~ There Stands "Arlie"

Introducing Arlie. Arlie who, you might ask. Who is this Arlie? Well, Arlie is the creation of Lee Kelly, Portland's hometown and world renowned sculptor. Over the years, Arlie has been thought of as a representative of abstract expressionism. Others have put animal characteristics into him and called him a puppy or even a creature from Star Wars. Whatever it takes to pull the viewer into a piece of art. In this case, Kelly welded three large posts of Corten steel to a central oblong form, almost whimsical in nature. During the week we'll be looking at Arlie more, as well as Lee Kelly and some of his other works.

For those of you who are in the Portland area, Arlie stands in the sculpture garden at the Portland Art Museum. You can see it and other Lee Kelly works that will be in the upcoming show, PNCA at 100 that opens this weekend, June 6-7, 2009. From the Museum's website
PNCA at 100 will celebrate the centennial of the Museum Art School, now Pacific Northwest College of Art. From its opening in 1909 as Oregon’s first professional art school, PNCA has trained the region’s finest artists, served as a laboratory for new ideas, and fostered the Portland art scene. More than a dozen faculty and alumni will be represented in the exhibition, which will be accompanied by an illustrated publication.

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