Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Honoring Louise

Here is one honor Nevelson acheived posthumously: a stamp the U.S. Government issued in 2000,there are five and each has a photo of one of her monochrome sculptures. The city of New York also honored the artist by naming a plaza after her in downtown Manhatten.

And what would she think of this stamp?
Here is a quote from Louise Nevelson by Arnold B. Glimcher:

Once her friend and patron Howard Lipman showed her an early American rocking chair that he had just acquired.
He asked Nevelson's opinion of the chair.
"I couldn't care less about the chair," she said, "but look at its shadow."
She has that same self assured, bold personality in both portraits.
I recently read an essay called "Waiting" by Edna O'Brien, in it she says we do not learn to love, hate or argue any differently as we grow. I think in some cases that is a good thing.

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