Sunday, May 31, 2009

Make Naked Art

Come girls, come boys;
Leave dank chambers, leave your toys,
And bathe, now, in the sun's bright light:
Drop quickly then your dull, dark rigs,
And let gray, wrinkled, jealous prigs
Avert dark eyes from your nude might.

Walter Ehrenfried's poem of 1904 embodies all the feelings of the Brucke artists. The expressionist movement celebrated the ennoblement of the human body and in looking through early work of Kirchner there is a lot of flesh and female nudes. Today at Maryhill I wandered the sculpture garden. There were many naked human forms standing in the shady grove above the Gorge. This is Quantam Man,

my favorite sculpture to date. There was also this red family, and a rolling yellow person, playful on the ground.

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