Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lofty Goals with Meager Resources

Anna Crocker's said "It's better to have more idea's than funds." She accomplished almost everything she set out to do on her limited budget, in the face of controversy, at a time when very few women worked out of the home. Quiet power, the kind that comes after patience, endurance and steady staying of the course. I think she would have read Fifty Two Pieces. Some of the conclusions I jump to, Anna Crocker, what would you have thought? I'm sure time was one of her many limited resources, but she was said to be religiously dedicated to the art. The museum was 22 years old when she started, she stayed for 27 years. Sometimes she painted her students, as seen here in Portrait of a young Girl:

Local artist Dorothy Yezerski worked for 29 years as the Director of Youth Programs, put into practice by Anna Crocker. Dorothy is an 87 year old Portland artist with a myspace page. That speaks to what Crocker felt about modernism, it was art's "new spirit" when she became curator a hundred years ago, and it's the new spirit today.
As for the garden club in the sculpture court, I like that idea, I'm not opposed, Come on Anna Crocker, smell the roses.

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