Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inspired by Pat Boas

Why did Pat Boas choose Black Box? To get the answer to this question is the main reason I look forward to the artist talk. It is a week of wonder, what will she find to talk about for half an hour with this seemingly silent object? It won't hurt that she is a writer, and here are some of her words:

"In my work I explore the vernacular structures with which we communicate, often finding visual poetry in the ephemeral, ambiguous nature of their common codes. Examining the play between word as image and image as word, I have come to regard reading and writing as mysterious acts—ones that bind us together yet are intensely private."

This is Pat Boas' installation space for the Portland Building. Her comment about the mystery of that which both binds us and is private reminds me of how I felt about Buck's jar- the things that are inside and yet visible at the same time. And I agree that something about McCracken is ephemeral, I will keep my notepad handy to capture her visual poetry about it.

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