Monday, May 18, 2009

Colescott's on Every Wall

This is the piece kiddy corner to Beauty. Britney and I sat talking about it for fifteen minutes, trying to figure out what it was all about, before we read the title. We decided it was interesting that Colescott would go as far as to have a constellation of a head giving a blow job, yet he wouldn't do the simple phallic gesture of adding the banana to the banana split- that would just be too easy. Before we read the title we contemplated the scene as a dream, the dream color is purple, the clock reads 2 a.m.- the hour the bars close down, the six card hand of a gambler or a cheater, the seemingly same blonde woman with red fingernail polish as the one in Beauty here smokes and masturbates, Britney asked, why is she a cyclops? What is the black girl drinking? Who is the roughneck white guy with the black eye and the bandaids?
Maybe we'll never know what this is really about, I thought, but we enjoyed the examination. Britney said, go see what the title is.
Bad Habits, I told her.
Aha, she said.

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