Thursday, May 21, 2009

Anna B. Crocker

It is the 21st week on Fifty Two Pieces, my birthday week. I never knew what week of the year my birthday fell in, because I never counted the weeks as I do now. This will be my 31st birthday. The artist and woman who inspires me this week, and this year and hopefully throughout my thirties is Anna Crocker, former curator of the Portland Art Museum hired in 1909. She retired from curating and as the principal of the art school in 1936. She built community and education in Portland and she was obviously a skilled artist, this is her self portrait. Not to mention that she is lovely. Rock on Anna Crocker.


LaValle said...

And a Happy Birthday in advance. The Orange Boys want you to know they have a birthday present for you. Art related of course!

Floyd Sklaver said...