Thursday, April 30, 2009

John Buck ~ The Keeper

The Keeper by John Buck sits in an alcove on the fourth floor of the Hoffman Wing of the Belluschi Building. Children and adults are both drawn to it. Like moths to lights they must see what's inside this jar. Walk around it and they see objects that they can identify but then they also realize that the objects are connected in such a way that they see or think of other objects. Look and see how many you can find.

After that initial fascination, most people begin to talk about why John Buck put this sculpture in a jar. Most of his work is quite large whether it's wood or bronze. Here he seems to be protecting his work much like the artists who build ships in glass jars. The jar itself reminds others of home canning where families preserve the summer's bounty for eating later in the winter. We'll explore more about John Buck and The Keeper here at Fifty Two Pieces as the week goes on.

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