Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter on Fifty Two Pieces

It's Easter Sunday, people are feasting, eggs have been hidden and found, churches have been flooded with song and children have bitten the heads off chocolate bunnies. I spent the day driving home from Chelan, the central Washington lake town where my dad lives with his new companion the malamute seen here.

The most important thing for me in Hofer's work is the emotion it evokes. Although his figures are anatomically interesting and I call the piece "The Red Man", I am not interested in how proportion or color is handled, and don't spend time dissecting the elements of what makes a piece "good". I am a literate person, LaValle says I prefer representational art, I thought about that, I don't want to be exclusive, but what I like about art is that it feels. It has a feeling inside and I can see what that feeling is by being outside of it. And I can choose to be with it, and dissect it, take comfort from it or use it to evoke some of my own emotions. Here is a picture of my dad.

Here is the man. No luck in love. He has been The Red Man, but he doesn't feel that now. Only love pours from him for his wolf, he's moved way out to the middle of nowhere on Okanogan National Forest land, a days drive away, to give them room to be wild together. I haven't seen him so happy, that's right-this picture is of a happy man.

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