Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Degenerate Artists

Let us not forget that it wasn't just the Nazi armed forces who are responsible for the demoralization of humanity at the time. It wasn't just the methamphetamines or the gun toting youth of brainwashed Germany. It wasn't just them and Hitler. There were over three million visitors (The National Socialist Society) that attended the blockbuster degenerate art exhibit, "Entartete Kunst". That's right, over three million people came to see the poorly hung artwork and all the graffiti and commentary about it, all the mocking and the ridicule. Laughed at their artists. Artists including Klee, Chagall, Ernst and Kandinsky. Laughed at the ones whose artwork we now pay millions to possess. If only they could know what they are worth to us now....this is the thing that bothers me about death. This is the problem with dying, what was it all worth anyway?
makes me think about this girl, listening to her records, shirt falling off one shoulder. It's just like that shirt, or just like that shoulder. It doesn't know what it means, or what it's worth, just being what it is and drawing so much attention. Just being there and being natural and not realizing how it becomes the focus. When all it wants to do is listen to the music, get that sad face to change to something more relaxed, to something that can just be a face, without an emotion, without anyone else making commentary about it. Because like a shirt, like a shoulder, like a soldier, it just is what it is what it is.

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