Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Shrines of Itsukushima and Wakanoura

This week we will focus on two screens, The Shrines of Itsukushima and Wakanoura. Local artist Michael Knutson chose these screens as one of his two talking points for his upcoming artist talk taking place next Thursday, April 9th.
In consideration of the upcoming poetry month I will start this week off with a poem about the screens:

I read it all backwards
moving from left to right
not knowing what was coming
until I got there, to the end.

Which was really the beginning
the far right, a procession is coming
moving over the water in boats
bringing instruments, entertainers.

Stopping off on islands
along the way for lunch or tea
moving along, over mountains
where trees hide behind gold clouds.

They carry heavy boxes to ships
shop keepers cross legged
on the floor, mats rolled out
no ridiculous chairs.

All moving and sitting and moving
and sitting. Back at the end
where I began, a few people wait
like me, not knowing whats coming.

I am interested in what Knutson, whose art feels as estranged from these screens as my office cubicle and roll-around desk chair do, has to say. I guess we'll see Thursday.

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