Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cubes Cubes Everywhere

Check out this picture LaValle took on the way to the museum this morning. And yesterday she stopped us in front of a baby blue neon sign on an old building in Northwest, so she could shoot that. She has this big black purse full of cords from headphones and ipods, iphones, and she's got lipstick and wallets and books in there. It's like being with a magician, because every once in a while she pulls something like this out of her purse and emails it to me on the spot. So I'm at my desk, I'm sitting here considering what to post and boom- she blasts me with these 3 complete and one incomplete cubes. What a photo, I think, and the subject line of the email it's attached to simply says "from this morning."
Every morning is like this though, I think. Every morning is a puddle with a reflection if you just stop and see it.


Anonymous said...

The only problem is she didn't capture herself, not one toe of herself, in the reflection. Couldn't she have at least tried to get a glimpse of the artist in the shot?

LaValle said...

Perhaps another day. Taking reflections is challenging. Maybe the hand that's not holding the camera. I've found that I end up standing back quite a ways from the puddle to get the reflection that I want. Reflections are very deceptive. Objects are actually much farther away than you'd think.

Judy said...

Since Anonymous hasn't posted the last 10 sentences, I was forced to create.
The broken pieces
picked up and placed
in a crate
The shards swept
into a bin
And then on
into a sculpture studio
Tony Cragg drives
to the biscuit white,
"It was worth waiting for..."