Thursday, March 5, 2009

Childe Hassam – New England Country Road

Childe Hassam is known as an Impressionist painter. A charter member of the Ten, he painted in France for three years in the late 1880's, returning to the United States where he lived in New York City. Here in Portland, we know that he visited Oregon twice as the guest of CES Wood, one of the founders of the Portland Art Museum. Hassam was known for his paintings of New England and New York City done in the Impressionist style capturing the fleeting of effects of sunlight on his surroundings. This painting is of a New England Country Road and hangs in the American Galleries next to Hassam's Mt. Hood and Julian Alden Weir's portrait of CES Wood.

In celebration of light, this week's posts will be of Amy and LaValle's photographs. George Tice, photographer and PAM's guest lecturer on photography this last weekend, spoke about light and that in the case of photography by its nature deals with objects and the light that bounces off of them. Starting the stream of photos is this shot from Luang Prabang, Laos. The colors are very similar in both the Hassam and the photo. It's all in how the light hits each of them.

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