Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So Kate, Do You Like Franz Kline?

I knew it would come to this, one of these days I would have nothing to write and I would have to drag it out of someone. We were standing in the elevator and she was annoyed at these other elevator travelers who took us for a ride, us and our cart of chairs. So I asked her then, "Do you like Franz Kline?"
"Uhhh, I just do. Why Amy?"
"I mean, you do, but why, I mean why do you like him? It's all just big black lines on white."
"Because it's non-representational. I like abstract art."
"Yes, but what does it mean?"
"It doesn't mean anything."
Then we got off the elevator, after other passengers dilly dallyed around and we had to haul this cart out and no one seemed to mind the fact that we'd been on that elevator for a solid five minutes. Moments we could have spent doing any number of tasks at our computers, or God forbid, looking at the Kline as we discussed it. I persisted in our conversation.
"So you like him?"
"Yes, it doesn't have to mean anything, that's the problem with people. They always want to know what abstract art means, it means nothing, it's just here. That's all its supposed to be. It's aesthetic."
"But how does it make you feel. If its aesthetic it will provide a mood and give you a feeling, and I want to know how it makes you feel."
"It doesn't have to evoke a mood to be aesthetic. It is what it is. it doesn't even have to be aesthetic. It just is what it is."
"When you walk by our Franz Kline, do you like it every day, do you change the way you feel about it based on the way you feel that day?"
"I don't really love OUR Franz Kline. I like composition, and this one..not so much."

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