Wednesday, February 4, 2009

N.C. Wyeth Quotes

"Thoreau's tremendous force to me as an artist, lies within his ability to boil up the little into the big! To elevate the little into the great is genius."

"His (Howard Pyle's) first words to me will forever ring in my ears as an unceasing appeal to my conscience: "My boy, you have come here for help. Then you must live your best and work hard!"...from that moment I knew that he meant infinitely more to me than a mere teacher of illustration."

"To paint the sleeve, become the arm!"

"I find the earliest years of my life are the source of my best inspiration." This is a recollection of his growing up on a homestead built by his ancestors in 1730. As a boy he saddled horses, used scythes, split wood and plowed fields.

N.C. Wyeth is much more to me now, seven days later, than he was last Wednesday.

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