Monday, February 16, 2009

Cubic George, More Like Trianglic George

A black rectangle an inch thick cuts through the canvas at a slant, going right to left. It begins an inch from the top and ends an inch from the bottom of the canvas. It pierces through and atop his left eye. His right eye is cut through the middle by a solid black line which makes a triangle with two other lines below the maroon triangle of the right side of his head. The nose is nothing but a line from the tear duct of his right eye to the middle of the face where it takes a hard left, becoming a backward L.
The mouth is less severe in line, a blotchy and open shape, a cubified triangle, but severity is made up for in the lack of lips. George speaks words not meant for children. Well, not my children.
His pupils are large black round pools. His flesh is flat compared to the bulkiness of the charcoal paint on the right of the canvas.
His right ear is a dense purple triangle that slashes into the dead white flesh of his face. All around him are compartmentalized grimy colors who have been stripped of their purity.

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