Tuesday, January 13, 2009

True to Life

Looking at an artist's works, what may be the most true to life, drawings or paintings? An important question, especially when considering the late 19th century academic artists like Bouguereau. Spending much of his life creating works such as Pieta only to have it repudiated as too much like Michelangelo, Bouguereau seems to have turned to idealized peasant life –– paintings that would sell and also keep his work accepted by the Academy. His paintings are beautiful, extraordinary views of a life that others could choose to hang in their homes. Can we look to his drawings and see how he might have chosen to paint if he weren't painting to a paying clientele? You be the judge, what happened between his drawing and painting? 

A Girl in Peasant Costume, Seated ca. 1875         La Petite Tricoteuse, 1875
Graphite on Paper  (click for larger image)                  Oil on Canvas (click for larger image)

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