Sunday, January 18, 2009

Floating Light

I haven't done my experiment yet, but I have done some research and I can give a teaser. Ann Gale has this way of making paint float on the canvas in front of and behind her subject which creates an almost ghostly atmosphere. It gives the figure a mood that is more than his or her expression.

The third piece on Sketches of Spain is called Will O The Wisp, taken from a 19th century gypsy ballet. More on the ballet later, but if you don't know what a Will O The Wisp is, I'll tell you it's another name for these flashes of light seen above bogs and marshes and thought to be spirits of the dead or ghosts. Folklore from the world over as long ago as the 14th century have included stories of these strange lights which science informs is the meeting of methane gas with hydrogen in the air that catch fire.

Ann Gale experiments with floating light as a paint technique, Miles Davis took a song about floating light from a ballet about a woman haunted by her dead lover. These two each created an atmosphere of another world and time using floating light as subject matter. This is just one thing Sketches of Spain and Gary have in common. Follow?

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