Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dying Gaul

What a year! Sometimes I wonder how I cope from day to day. The giggles and titters from children are one thing. You grow to expect that. But some of the comments from the adults. I'll just say they should know better. At least, now people who come up to me have an explanation of who I am, not just Dying Gaul, John de Andrea 1984. People can read that I'm a polyvinyl sculpture based on a Roman copy in marble of a Greek warrior. That's a mouthful. What I like most about where I've been placed is that more people come by to see me than when I was over in the other building. Museums can be lonely places. Now, everyone who comes to see the special exhibitions has to walk right past me.

Quite a few visitors do come over. Some to ogle, some to admire my suntan (how does that happen when I'm inside all the time). I remember one woman who stood next to me for what seemed like hours, time does go by slowly here. She told me how much I reminded her of a man she used to know. One of the security officers came up to her and asked if there was anything else in the museum he could help her find. Her response was short and to the point. "No, I'm quite happy right here." At least she didn't touch me. Believe me, I'm grateful when the security officers remind people about the hands off policy in art museums.

My big event this year was a trip to Southern California. I know, I know, some of the other pieces here at the museum go to the East Coast and some have even gone to Europe, but being featured in an exhibition at the Getty, now that was something. I was one of 43 painted statues from five millennia. It was amazing to be with works created by El Greco and Paul Gauguin. So, I guess I can't complain. Life is good. I have a roof over my head and a warm room. Drop by and see me. Maybe I should say, come up and see me since you have to come up the stairs after you've been welcomed at the main entrance.

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